Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Time To Move On...

For those of you (like maybe 5) that read my blog "religously".You know I have made some big changes in my life. In the last year and a half due to the economy downturn I have closed my quilt shop, sold my house and moved to Oregon to do a life reinvention. I'm going to college (at 55 years old) and it's time to move on. So Bunny Rose & Co will be retired to some extent. I have started a new blog with subjects about more than just quilting and sewing. Yes, I still quilt and sew like crazy.But I just felt it was time to let Bunny Rose rest. I have been Bunny Rose & Co. for over 12 years. It's a great name and I'll still keep it as some part of my side business. I do sell fabrics online so I'll be using it with that. But I welcome you to visit my new blog. I think you will like it. I just did a blog about Laura Wasilowski and her  colorful  quilting style.I'll be talking about tiny houses, crocheting, cooking, gardening and much more. So join me on a new adventure! This blog will stay around so you can still enjoy the tutorials. But I'll be starting new projects on Curious Orange Cat.  Thank you for the support you have giving me. I hope to see you at my new place soon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What I'm Working on Now

Hi all. Just to show you I do more than quilting. I thought I would post some of my new project. I saw this beautiful scarf here Go check it out!

Here is what I have so far. I ran out of the pretty gold yarn around the edges of the scarf and am waiting for more to come in the mail. I'm working on more flowers and just lay them out every once in a while to see how I like them. So far so good!
 I of course have a long way to go. But just thought you could use a little color therapy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day!

It snowed yesterday finally! Then it started to melt, and then it froze. I saw these rose-hipcicles in my yard and couldn't help but put a few pictures up for you to see.
Hope you are staying safe and warm!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Belated Christmas Present

Not much going on. But I thought I would show you these really cool fold up tote bags. They are called Tukaway Totes by They were actually pretty easy and very large. I figured they would be great for big bulky but not so heavy things from the grocery store. Like chips and boxes of cereal. Anyway, I made two of them for my Aunt Sue.
 Of course I had one of my quality control team on hand to make sure all was done properly.

But then he got lazy.
And then the safety factor changed and I had to stop sewing for the day.

Believe me when I say, there was no way to get this quality control inspector to go away. He can be very persistent.
Thanks Alex! You are such a big help. Not!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowbird Christmas Ornament

It's almost here! I have a craft show coming up and thought it would be nice to have some little somethings to sell. So here is my offering for a quick easy Accuquilt project.
Start off with  these Accuquilt Studio Dies:

Bird #5 (50617)
Feather #1 (50111)

Supplies needed:
2 red medium buttons
10" x 4.5" piece of white wool or felt
red cotton crochet yarn or ribbon for hanging
red thread for sewing machine
Steam A Seam

Iron the Steam A Seam to one side of the wool. Fold in half and cut two birds. With remainding wool, cut out 2 feathers. Make sure they are in opposite directions. Easiest way is to make sure to double the fabric, right sides together.
Peel off the Steam A Seam and gently stick the two bird pieces together. Cut off the wing.( Sorry birdie)
Ok, this next part is optional. If you want a little ribbon for hanging instead of a string, Now is the time. Cut the ribbon the length you want. Match up the edges and gently peel apart the bird at the back. Insert the raw edges of the ribbon and seal the fabric back up. You can now press with an iron.
Peel off the Steam A Seam from the wing pieces. Match up the wings on each side of the bird. Make sure they match perfectly. You are going to sew them down and they need to be matched up on both sides.
Using pretty red thread in your sewing machine and a decorative straight stitch, (I used stitch number 49 on my Bernina 430) sew around the bird and wings. I used a zipper foot and sewed pretty close to the edge. Sew a little more to the inside around the wings.

 I started where the wing meets the tail.  I stitch the wing first and then when it meets up again at the beginning I pivot and head for the tail. I end at the front of the wing. Confused? I am. Wooo.
I then used a different decorative stitch (#120 on my Bernina) and sewed across the bottom of the bird.
I start at the back end and end almost to where the eye would be. Sew a red button on each side of the wings. If you are using string to hang it. Measure out the cotton crochet thread and tie the ends together. Loop it around the button, twist and around again. Done!
here is what one looks like with ribbon.
I of course had lots of help.
Whatcha doin?

Are youz done yet? Wanna Play!
And we are done sewing for today.
Have fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good things in Tiny Packages

The holidays are coming up fast. I have been making these simple Teabag pouches and thought they would make a great gift or craft fair project. Of course I love looking for new ways to use my Accuquilt dies. They don't take much fabric and are great for scraps you just can't throw away.

Here is an example to get you started. I'll show more at the end of the post.
I used Osnaburg for the outside and a matching fabric for the inside.

Here are the supplies you will need:

11" x 5" piece of Osnaburg
11" x 5" for lining
scrap 4.5" x 3.5" nonwoven fusible interfacing
Scraps for ovals and bird
Wonder Under or similar
thread for applique

Lets get started.
Fuse the fusible interfacing to the backside of one end of Osnaburg. This is to give your applique some stability when you sew.
Iron the Wonder Under to the back of the scraps for the flowers.
Here are the Accuquilt dies I used.
Studio Dies:
 StudioOvals #50697 or Go Ovals #55358 I used the smallest and the second to the smallest oval
Studio Bird Trio # 50435 Or Go #55325

I used the smallest bird and the large oval shaped wing.
Using the second from the smallest, and using a plain fabric, cut one oval. Using a matching tone on tone fabric cut one from smallest oval.

Cut one small bird from a colorful fabric. Cut one wing from a matching fabric. Make sure it has some contrast so it shows up.
Turn your Osnaburg over to the right side and measure about 1/4" from the short edge. Position the larger oval with the smaller oval inside. Iron to the Osnaburg. Layer the little bird and wing on top of the smaller oval and iron. Using a contrasting thread, I sewed a double blanket stitch with my Bernina. You can use a single and it will still work. Sew around all the raw edges.
With right sides together, pin the Osnaburg to the lining fabric. Leaving a small opening for turning, sew around all sides. Turn and iron flat. Fold into thirds. Open up the top flap and pin the bottom part. Starting at the bottom folded edge, top stitch about 1/8" from the edge all the away around the pouch.
For a closure, I used an iron on Velcro and cut it into a heart shape with one of my dies. You can use any shape that is small or just buy Velcro in round iron on dots. I make sure I use a really hot iron to get it to stick well.
So here are some more samples I made up. Hope it gives you some great ideas!

 Here I used Studio die # 50673 Heart #7
and the Ovals again

 Here I used the penny rug circles # 50090

Just a note: These were done with dies I found on the Accucutcraft site. You will find many more dies there.
Check it out. Here is used the Flowers and Leaves #1 Die number F1425LC