Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 4 Flowers in the Forest... Block 2

Ok, I'm back. I have a confession. I have already made all 4 blocks. I had to make sure they looked good together. I even used a program called Picasa by Google and made a really cool collage of the blocks with the fabric in the back ground. Nothing like a little teasing huh. Well on week 4 you will get to see them all together. Not sure if a quilt will actually be made.. but you will have a really good idea how they look. I'm kind of excited. But you only get to see them one at a time. So there!
Ok, here are the dies used this week.
See, some you remember these from last week? I told you so. Anyway, from left to right: On top, Flowers and Leaves #3, Petal Play-Sunflowers, botton left is Funky Flower #3 which is also a GO die, and the bunny is Rabbit #4 Sm. I don't know if it is on the Accuquilt site but he measures a little tiny bit past 3 inches wide. So check. Otherwise you can find him on the Accucut site.
Ok, here is the block for this week......
Accucut 205
Yes, I know, my Iphone still sucks as a camera. But it is only a matter of money. As you can see, I used the flower, leaves and stem from Flowers and Leaves and some leaves from Petal Play-sunflower. The flower centers are the small flower on Funky Flowers #3 and well, the little bunny. I put "her" in because of my name. Yes, it actually is Bunny.
Until next week...

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